Happy New Year, friends! Thank you to everyone who tuned into my impromptu little hair tutorial, if you didn’t get a chance it’s on our highlight reel on Instagram. It’ll give you a good idea of how we both do our hair everyday. Now that I recently installed a little weave, we have both have had the pleasure of having both short and long hair. For those of you who asked, my extensions are tape in and my hair stylist is @carlaforniablonde (Carla Malia) from Aida Salon in San Francisco. I personally prefer tape in extensions over clip in for daily use, they are a lot of work drying and styling etc but since Carla cut and matched them to my hair color perfectly, you’d never know they were extensions. Clip-in extensions are perfect for events or a one time use but for an everyday look, I think tape in is the way to go. Aside from linking the products and styling tools I use, I’m also added 5 tips that I think are essential to good locks.

Hair Tips

  1. Always use a heat protectant, especially if you are using styling tools daily. Honestly, even if I air dry my hair I put the protectant in for good measure it part of my daily routine.
  2. For long hair styling,  I use a 1.5 inch wand and I always wand the hair away from my face on each side.
  3. For short hair styling, I use a 1.25 inch wand and I rotate the direction that I’m wanding away every other piece. When doing the pieces around your face make sure you start with the hair away from your face.
  4. Nothing is worse than a sticky/heavy hairspray my fave is here
  5. Dry Shampoo, is your best friend. Even if your hair is clean.

Cheers to a new year and great locks (or great fake locks) whatever works!


Jenica & Jessica



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