Skincare-After all, we are over 30

Hi All, apologize for the delay here. Turns out, blogging is super time consuming and with that whole full-time job thing I have going on it makes it even more challenging. Besides pointing out the obvious, I promised to share my skincare routine that I’ve recently fallen in love with, so here it goes.

First things first, I think it’s important to note I used to have adult acne (super cute) and have always struggled with random breakouts etc. I feel like everyone says this, however, what you eat/how much water you drink has a HUGE impact as well. In general, I’m a pretty healthy eater and you’ll always see me walking around with my fav water bottle. You’d be amazed at what being hydrated can do for your skin.

Daily Routine Below:

This post is not sponsored but these products are amazing and reasonably priced, even as I get older my skin has never looked better. I’ve also attached a picture of my English Bulldog because he has cancer, he’s handsome, and he also decided to eat a shoelace & underwear this weekend which turned into emergency surgery two nights ago, never a dull moment.



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