Because babies are fashionable too

Our blog and Instagram account will mostly be on women’s fashion, but I often get asked where I shop for Campbell so I thought it would be fun to put up a quick post with some of my favorite shops. I’ll be honest, having a little girl is almost like having a doll-except she like really cries, poops and needs attention basically 24/7. Essentially the same as a doll though. Campbell and I get “ready” every day some days are more fashionable than others but we get out of our pjs nonetheless.

I get a lot of her bows on Etsy a few of my favorite shops are here & here. I also LOVE the bow subscription company Little Poppy Co you get 3 new bows a month for $11 which is sometimes the price I pay for one bow, if you have a girl just do it. I also have to link the mommy & me beanies I get asked about these so much they are super cheap and adorable. Lastly, while we are on accessories these are my favorite bibs and we can’t live without our Freshly Picked mocs.

Our favorite clothing shops are Old NavyZara baby & Gap Kids I love a good small boutique shop as well, but I recommend resisting the urge to purchase while they are so little they grow out of everything so quickly and they tend to be more expensive. The neutral lover in me buys white gerber onesies (long and short sleeve) on amazon in bulk Campbell lives in these.

If you have a question about a specific outfit on my personal page just comment on this post or the pic-I’m happy to give away my baby fashion secrets.






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