Jenica’s Hair.

Lets talk about a topic that everyone loves to admire, Jenica’s hair. As her twin sister I have to say, the girl has some good locks. Other than being blessed with parents who both have a full/thick hair, there are a few things you can do to get this perfect beach wave. First words of advice-DO NOT cut your hair because you’re looking for something low maintenance. As a full time mom until I go back to work, I am thankful for my long hair and more importantly the ability to throw it up in a cute bun or pony tail when I just don’t have time. That being said there’s something so trendy, lets be real, sexy about Jen’s short hair. We have completely different cuts, but we take a similar approach to styling. While it would be a great luxury to have a stylist on hand at all time-it’s just not realistic.

Our Approach:

  • Find a GREAT cut & colorist and stay loyal (insert Whitney Warfield at the Woodbridge Salon in SF here)
  • Next day hair is the best hair-even if you go to bed with it wet
  • Straighten most of your hair-then wand the top
  • Wand small pieces in different directions-the pieces around your face should be wanded back
  • The messier the better
  • Products- neither of us can live without Keratase VIP Volume in powder, dry shampoo and a good hair spray.
  • Keratase VIP Volume in powder spray-although mentioned above it deserves its own bullet. This purple bottle comes in a travel size as well and you better believe it’s in our purse (or diaper bag) at all times.
  • Tease
  • Wet brush-so you don’t rip your hair out when brushing
  • Blow dry your hair with your head flipped upside down this is super important for short hair

Let us know if you have any questions! Would a video tutorial be helpful? Bare with us while we figure this all out and thanks for reading all the way down to the last sentence. Xoxo


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