As I sit here thinking about what is the biggest factor when selecting a sweater for the Holiday season first thing that comes to mind is comfort, your girl is trying to eat durning the Holidays AMIRIGHT???  We all know those extra Holiday lbs are there but no one needs to see them. Needless to say, I’m all about sweater weather, isn’t everyone? Since I don’t always need to be full business casual for work I always try and buy pieces that can look nice for work but I can always wear on the weekends or casual. An easy way to make some of these work for work, throw a button down on over just about any of these (outside of the turtle necks) and some booties and it’s instantly work appropriate. 

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Contrary to popular belief I actually hate family pics, I just like the outcome and if your husband is anything like mine it’s like pulling teeth to get a picture with him. These annual shoots are the only guarantee I have of a good family photo. Here are a few rules I like to follow.

  • Bribe your husband-this year it was fast food.
  • You want to coordinate outfits, but not be too matchy matchy
    • If you’re lucky enough to have a husband who will just wear what you tell him bless you. I’m not. I had three outfits prepared with only one I knew he would actually wear. I presented all three and without fail he refused two and said he would “settle” on one I knew he would wear. Men are so predictable and so is my husband’s style. Jessica 1: John 0
    • I personally love wearing a good dress for pics. The dramatic flow in the wind usually makes for a good photo opp and it’s easier than picking out multiple pieces (pants, top, shoes, accessories)
    • Kids-I like to dress Campbell up for pics, It’s the perfect excuse to have her look slightly more formal than normal but I love that I cant break all the pieces she wore up and she can totally wear them again. You better believe that faux fur is making a weekly appearance.
  • Trust your photographer. We have used the same photographer for family pics/maternity/newborn and she’s amazing. You wouldn’t even be able to tell that my daughter cried almost the entire time, it was windy and cold. We might not have gotten one pic of Campbell smiling but sometimes thats what makes these pics memorable.
  • Last but not least just book the shoot. You’ll be happy you did. I love to look back at the professional pics I have of my little family and even if your husband complains he is happy to have them too.

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